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This wiki is a sister wiki to Raze Two Wiki, the original wiki about anything in Raze 2.

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Welcome to the Raze One Wiki[]

This Wiki is all about Raze 1. Anything you need to know about weapons, armor, levels, we got it all here! This Wiki grows by everyone contributing to it. You, yes YOU, can make a difference to this Wiki by editing it. Together, we aim to be the source of knowledge for anything about Raze `. Contribute today!!!!!!!

Raze One[]

Raze One started as a small project by Addison-R. Due to the vast amounts of programmers quitting the project everyday, he approached Juice-Tin for help. Raze 1 is the product and still is a favourite today.

Raze is a single-player 2D flash game revolving around using futuristic and modern guns to take down enemies.

-10 Weapons to use.

-5 modes for slaughter.

-Different configurations for each custom match.

-6 Stadiums to choose from, each with different conditions and navigationability.

-20 kinds of Armors for you to choose, with personal stats.

-Mix-and-Match armor configrations

-10 achievements to complete, some deviously hard to get.(Note:Play "50 Matches" is a glitch, and won't show.)

-2 campaigns to choose from, Human or Alien, each with a unique storyline and difficulty. (Each have 15 missions, in all 30 missions)

Latest activity[]