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Battle in the plant. This image cannot be taken with screenshot. I need to "glue" the 2 images together. It took a while.


The Plant , also known as the Toxic Factory, is a place filled with multiple platforms and acid pools meant to slowly chip off life. There are two areas which have jump platforms. The plant is known for storing and creating new materials. Because of that fact, aliens like to raid it.

Toxic Factory

Powerup Locations[]

Health Powerup-Below the Second top Platform, on the right side. In the Acid Pool, left side.

Invincibility Powerup- At the second top platform (Top haft, Middle)

Double Damage Powerup- At the top of the fighting space at the bottom of the plant. (Middle of the Map)

Shield Powerup- In the Acid Pool, right side.(Central, both one the right, and left, and very bottom right.)

Jump Platforms- Both below the second top pillar, right and left.


-When trying to escape from an enemy, don't go through the pipes at the top, right or left. These will drop you down to the Acid area, which will be a pain to get across. Also, you are cornered there and can be easily finished with a weapon of the Great Three, or any other weapon for that matter. If you ARE there though, try to make it to the pipe and get out of the acid, or jump around to reduce you're profile and lower your contact time with the acid.