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Ice Chaingun


This has been recently developed by the aliens after long study of human ballistic weapons. It is modelled after human chainguns, but with major alterations. It uses micro particle decelerators to freeze anything shot through the barrels. Because of this, its main source of ammo is water, which is shot through a high pressure water pump, freezes into shards of ice while in the barrels, and then melts minutes after hitting the target, leaving no trace whatsoever. The downside of having low firepower is more than made up by its impressive 60 rounds per second.









Rate of Fire



8/8 [200 Shots, 1/2 Clips]


The Ice Chaingun is a black chaingun with blue streaks lining the sides of the barrels. It uses water as its main source of ammo. Water is fired by a high pressure pump, freezes into shards of ice when going through the barrel, and then melts, leaving water behind. The Ice Chaingun is very fast at unloading ammo. As its shots have very little damage, the user is advised to stock up on ammo. The Ice Chaingun will have a delay time before it actually starts shooting, so it is recommended that you prepare to fire before the enemy hits you.

AI Behavior[]

For some reason, whenever AI pick up this weapon, they don't stop shooting it until there is no ammo left; even if there is no enemy in the proximity and there are several allies around.


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"A chain gun has a single barrel while a Gatling gun has several rotating barrels. It is a common error to refer to Gatling guns as chain guns, particularly in connection with entertainment such as video games"

-Wikipedia There was a mix-up in naming this weapon.